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An Unfinished Tale of Lies

© 7.25.2017 by Mica D’Orléans
This is a tale of lies. The story begins with a 17-year-old-or-something pregnant young woman sleeping in a Yellow Bus bound for New York City. The young woman, whom we shall call X, draws a blank when it comes to her name. And at this point all that is known of her is that she is a sound sleeper, and one who snores louder than usual.

Inside another Yellow Bus coming from a different part of the States is another pregnant young woman who is a few years older than the first. She is also sound asleep and, apparently, does not snore. She too was on her way to New York City. This young lady we shall call Y, for she also suffers from amnesia.

It seems that X and Y were not friends, just strangers. Neither were they in deep slumber, but prey to a Ømg induced coma. Both were taken to Dtown Hospital Z, which was one block from the Yellow Bus depot. The only other difference between the two was date and time of their arrival into the city, which was 2…

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