efa open house

went to EFA open studio exhibitions at 323 w 39th last night even with the snowy slush outside there was a nice turnout.  this show is actually part of the armory arts week, march12-april 12, at piers 92 and 94 on 55th st and 12th ave, nyc.

besides the works i'm featuring below, there was superb work from an artist named mahmoud hamadani in studio 710.  he uses a blow dryer (maybe not, anyhow, wind) to create intricate silhouetted scenery that looks like desolate forests looming on the horizon under lots of dead sky.  other times he creates fake arabic or stenographic calligraphy that bunch up together into very strong images. according to him, the latter form stemmed from his writings.  look him up.

since i had no plans to blog the show i didn't take much fotos, so there are a few more peeps like the beautiful abstract metalpoint drawings and paintings of susan schwalb in studio 812 that i'd a love to talk about, but...

oh, yeah, these are all iphone pics!


jessica maffia

 actually, my lovely niece, jessica maffia, showed in studio 702.  her work is stunning. she painstakingly details the weather beaten wall cracks and peeling paints and old torn posters of our urban walls with her pencils.  the finished drawings looks like it was made from gouache.  now that she's introducing color to her art work, i am curious as to which direction she will go.  the mural sized drawings (based from bad 4x6 polaroid or iphone prints) takes about a month to do.  click on her name to see her book sculptures and photography and more.  the b+w below is of jessica working on a huge piece in her old central park west studio.

tamiko kawata

tamiko kawata from studio 413 uses safety pins to create fascinating sculptures. actually, much of her work is 3D, and made from various materials.  she says it took her a long while to figure how to keep the pin art standing.  you can see more of her work at the american academy of arts and letters for their 2015 invitational exhibition of visual arts show from march 12 - april 12.

yulen teruya

another person who caught my eye was yuken teruya, studio 804.  he does intricate miniscule cutout art from dollar bills, newspapers, brown lunch paper bags, high end shopping bags, anything! for this show it was trees.  i tried to capture their beauty through my little iphone 4 but it really doesn't do them justice.  you can see i got carried away.  he seems to be pretty active so follow him in his site for more shows.  he has a solo exhibition "the simple truth" at the josée bienvenu gallery starting march 5 - april 11.  it's certainly worth catching.