an act of desperado

© 1991 and 2012 by mica d'orléans

I wanted to leave an impression so I
screamed... for no reason... save the
scream.  All but one covered their
ears...  I knew he was the one.

My stare was returned with nothing
but contempt... So I screamed once
again... This time for real.

Someone spun me and I continued the
spin 'til I became dizzy and fell.
No outstretched hand came my
way... allowing me the decency to
take my time... to show the hurt I

I walked through the staring
crowd... zigzagging out of their way
lest I break the straw that broke
the camel's back... past the one I
knew was the one.  far from him was
my place...

This thought... at least I knew... we
both shared. (written in 10.19.91)