random thoughts

© 2006 and 2012 by Mica D’Orléans

M Where do you stand as an artist?

(Laughter) Wow!

M If you were to choose your favorite art piece, which would you choose?

I   A friend of mine who can’t help himself from conceptualizing everything once worked on a project using slugs.

M Slugs!

Yes. He went out of his element, which was New York [Manhattan], to visit his sister in Pennsylvania. Apparently, slugs are rampant there … So, he started collecting them as pets. Next thing … he had about 300 of them! He built these aquariums…

M How many?

I  Three.

M Then what happened?

I  I’m not sure. There were a lot of drawings (yawns), and planning…

M Sounds very intriguing… How did it turn out?

I  In any case, it was the concept that became the art.

M Hmmm… Well, what drives you?


M You know… as an artist…

I  You know, that’s a hard question to answer. Dreams are good. They sometimes give you ideas… Mood swings, sleep deprivation, not having money… All these create ideas, and if you jump on it and get in a roll it can be such a high.

M Well, how about when you’re feeling good?

I  That can be a dangerous state. Feeling good and having to work a regular job. Both these can put you in a state of depression that removes any motivation... I mean feeling good is good, but it keeps you away from your art, and if it lasts too long, then you become like bread dough. That’s why all these famous artists you read about turn out boring art, or end up being a caricature of what made them famous. Have you seen the newest chuck Close at MOMA SF!